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Aged Care Advice

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Retirement & Superannuation

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Wealth Creation

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About Us

Gayle McKew brings more than thirty five years of experience and understanding to her dealings
with clients.

She has extensive experience across many aspects of the financial services industry; including practice management, superannuation wealth creation, retirement planning, personal investment and wealth creation, personal risk insurances, personal and commercial lending.

Gayle believes everyone needs to make a decision to take control of their financial situation and to work on creating the future they currently only dream about. Regardless of where you find yourself financially, remember; it’s the starting point for your future success.

Together we create tailored financial solutions, designed to achieve your goals and dreams, then
we’ll work with you to achieve your long term goals.


Social Isolation & Carer Support

Is it possible to be socially isolated while living in luxurious surroundings in the middle of a vibrant city of some 600,000 people. You bet! You wonder how it could happen in this day and age? But it does… Becoming socially isolated can just happen!


Elder Abuse – Emotional, Physical & Financial

At a briefing on aging in the community I was horrified to discover many of the elderly, in excess of 40% of people over 80, were potentially enduring elder abuse…and likely saying nothing about it out of fear and loyalty to the abuser.


Blog Emotions and Money

Often those ‘things’ are expensive and are about keeping up appearances. Whether we’re talking cars, boats, handbags, jewellery or any assorted expensive ‘things’, the sad things is how much store is put into owning ‘things’ that are never likely to be assets…they’re more likely to be liabilities that cost you money rather than making you money.!


“I have had business dealings with Gayle McKew as my Financial Advisor since 2002.

During that time I have found her to be very professional and most helpful regarding my financial interests and later my entry into an Aged Care Facility.

I would recommend her to people who require such assistance as she is most helpful and approachable.”

Pam Hatcliff

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Office: 0407 159 298 / 07 5520 7834
Email: info@prosperityplanning.com.au