Our Process

Instead of struggling and trying to go it alone, you could let us save you time & take the stress and confusion out of the aged care process for you.

Experience shows getting the right advice has potential to save tens of thousands of dollars each and every year your loved one is in care. Think of what that could add up to!

Imagine what it could cost if you got it wrong by doing it yourself!

Protecting and preserving family wealth is part of our process, we know it’s important to you too. Protecting wealth is much better than seeing your loved one’s hard earned nest egg get whittled away by paying excessive fees.

We aim to make the whole process as stress free and time efficient for you as possible. Could that be helpful to you?

  • Understand your financial position the starting point to protecting family wealth
  • Explain the jargon save you time and take away confusion
  • Prepare the paperwork for Centrelink or DVA it’s a key step in reducing ongoing fees
  • Liaise with the facility of your choice to ensure your family gets the best outcome possible
  • Recommend & Implement the most suitable strategy on behalf of the family.

We also check contract details to ensure accuracy of the conditions negotiated and ensure the agreements are completed and lodged in a timely manner.

Ask how we can help get you started… give Gayle a call on 0407 159 298 to discuss your options.