Knee jerk reaction or planning – what’s your preference?

Knee jerk reaction or planning – what’s your preference?

Are you a bit of a free spirit…one who likes to live by your own rules? I am; yet despite my free-ish spirit there are some rules I simply have to abide by, and there are some things I like to plan. How about you…do you find yourself making knee jerk reactions to situations or are you a bit of a planner?

I plan holidays and travel, particularly if there’s air travel involved…I’d hate to miss a flight to an exotic location and great adventures, not to mention the cocktails! And I’ve always found myself planning all ‘things’ money (maybe its the old banker in me). You know…things like having a budget, paying bills on time and stuff like that. All this was years before I discovered there could be even more significant advantages if I started using financial strategies. Now you may ask what the heck’s a financial strategy?

In simple terms, in the financial planning world, it’s the tricks of our trade. The things we encourage our clients to do to provide better results for them. Did you know strategies can help with:

  • paying off your mortgage faster
  • minimising the amount of tax you end up paying
  • increasing your wealth
  • protecting your lifestyle
  • maximising Centrelink entitlements
  • even reducing aged care fees..?

To be honest there are way too many to list here, so pick up the phone and call Gayle on 0407159298 to discuss how you might benefit from a strategy or two and bit of prior planning. If nothing else you’ll save your knees a lot of jerking!

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