Overwhelm, Stress & Aged Care – It doesn’t have to be that way!

Overwhelm, Stress & Aged Care – It doesn’t have to be that way!

I often encounter families going through challenges and frustration regarding a loved one’s entry to aged care. Often the biggest problems are:

– people (carers) being both physically and emotionally overwhelmed from looking after the person needing care. Then trying to make sound decisions, decisions that come with long lasting implications, whilst both mentally and physically exhausted!

– families aren’t understanding the real costs of care.

One family was under the impression the cost of care was 85% of the loved one’s full pension. I can’t remember when it was that simple. Now all assets and income are included when deciding what your loved one will need to pay for care…and there can be up to five different lots of fees applicable depending on their assets, so it’s far from simple!

– families having to make emotionally tough decisions about the care of a loved one.

– a long hospital stay, a significant break or a series of fall  can create chaos for families. After the loved one is again at home, the discovery a loved one suddenly is no longer able to care for themselves can be heart breaking.

– let’s add the times when the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) report says the person can’t go home after a hospital visit. Instead they have to go straight to care rather than returning to the home they know and love. That news can turn a family upside down emotionally.

– tight time lines, and implied pressures from facilities, when a place does come up. Having to make a decision knowing you will only have 7 days to have a bum in the bed is enough to create chaos for most families!

– seniors refusing to go to care & using emotional blackmail to avoid it! Believe me it happens..!

– trying to find a bed when there’s not one available at affordable prices adds even more pressure

– the overwhelming amount of paperwork related to an entry to permanent care.

If you would prefer not to face getting through the aged care entry maze yourself, we really need to chat, because you have options!

Families have been relying on my advice and assistance with aged care advice for almost nine years. Give me a call on 0407159298 to discover how to take the stress out of moving a loved one to care.

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